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October 7th, 2019, 1:00 pm

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Dogbert, October 7th, 2019, 1:00 pm

River City Girls

A beat 'em up revival game by Arc? On Kunio Kun's universe? With female leads? YES PLEASE!

At first I wasn't sold on the "90's arcade" aesthetic, especially since I know what Arc is usually capable of... but dammit, Bloodstained and Monsterboy left me craving for quality retro games. What sealed the deal, however, was the music. Anyone who knows me knows music is the make-or-break for me, and RCG's soundtrack happens to put together Megan McDuffie and Chipzel (and I LOVE Chipzel's work)... upon listening to the soundtrack that's when I knew I was getting that game on month 1.

I was even more pleased to find out the gameplay matches the music in quality... I fear it's probably lots shorter than River City Ransom Underground, but production values more than make up for it (still playing it as I posted this on the publishing queue). The cutscenes in manga style are charming, and are even produced with the "cheap b&w press" effects, and it's full of humorous details (especially for fans of ABOOBOOO!).

If you're a fan of Arc, old beat 'em ups, or River City Ransom, you have no excuse not to get this game. This will definitely tide me over until Streets of Rage 4 arrives next year.


P.S: If you didn't get the joke, google this old meme:

P.P.S: Trivia - Did you know Japan's age of consent is THIRTEEN? (this may change by individual prefectures but still, goddammit Japan!).

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