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Gunned-Down Dreams

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August 6th, 2018, 1:00 pm

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Dogbert, July 27th, 2018, 12:52 am

Alita vs. Hollywood

All Hollywood's Ghost In The Shell taught me was that Mamoru Oshi did have a price in the end (sad, as fitting as it may be for the cyberpunk genre).

Now, it's Gunm's (that's Battle Angel Alita for you, yanks) turn, and seemingly that one will fare even worse. The googly eyes they put on the actress only make me think it's actually some Marvel-grade anti-manga campaign (remember marvel's "mangaverse"?). "Grotesque" doesn't even begin to describe it.

What particularly grinds my gears is that they're choosing Japan's science fiction for destruction. Hugo Gernsback rolls in his grave every time Hollywood picks a new victim. And then, it's just like the lumbering undead that is the videogame industry. The second crash started long ago, but the industry won't finish collapsing because the sheeple won't let it. They keep selling because people keep buying.

I, for one, I'm voting with my wallet.


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