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Meanwhile, In Starfinder (warning: Triggers)

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October 16th, 2017, 1:00 pm

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Dogbert, October 10th, 2017, 7:35 pm


One of the main reasons I was eager to read Starfinder was because it's been about seven years since Pathfinder first came about, and I'm sure they're using SF to test ideas that may become Pathfinder's second edition.

Now, I can only hope I'm wrong, because it seems Jacobs & co. have been playing too much d&d 5E, and used its worst elements (namely, player disempowerment as main design objective). Not only that, the setting is blatantly incomplete: a future tie-in with your fantasy game, but absolutely NO HISTORY on how they got there? Seriously? The only explanation is that mr. Sutter didn't read Dragonstar and in his inability to reconcile elements, he just threw up his hands and decided not to do it.

Also, you can't make players totally dependant on equipment if you're going to have two different economy scales (equipment and starships) since all you need is hijack a ship, sell it, and the game breaks. The way to deal with this would have been trivializing equipment so only ship economy remains, make player characters less dependant on equipment, not more (remember that episode where Kirk and Spock were penny-pinching for Comm Badge parts? Yeah me neither).

Now, granted, not everything in Starfinder is flaming excrement: Salvaging Saga's a-la carte class feature is a genuinely good idea, and refurbishing 4E's Second Wind points into something actually serviceable is also a net gain. Alas, those two are the only good ideas, and clearly not enough to rescue this garbage fire of a game that treads on the sad brown line between too draconian for 3.X fans and not draconian enough for 5E fans (and thus, it will please neither demographic other than hard-core Paizo apologists).

Avoid this book like the plague, especially when Aethera does a light-years better job at bringing you Space Opera for Pathfinder.


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User Comments:

Tomcat_X, November 20th, 2017, 8:24 pm

It's just pathfinder 40k, but they made the mistake of making the universes the same because of Canonical fucking aliens in Pathfinder. That's where all the setting based errors come about.

Also even if they made a Pathfinder 2E and didn't include the faults you mention, then they'd just be bankrupting themselves because their fans who actually vocalize and don't get banned are fucking retards who care more about the effect on their bookshelves and physical collections than they do about the rules, and the rules they do care about is all about being endeared to "optimization" and pretending everything is perfect and if you disagree with them you can fuck off. After all that's Paizo's market, disgruntled whiners about 4e who just wanted more and more splat books instead of accepting an evolution from their Min/Max caster fagging.

Which makes you saying 3.X is the non-draconian side is fucking hilarious. As much bitching as you and other "personalities" makes about it, in practice of 5e it's more like if something isn't there at a minor inconvenience, then you ask the GM and 8/10 times they'll say "yeah sure" rather than having to beg and suck their dick for the GM to do anything in your favor, because most GMs understand it's not a competition between them and the players. But considering your comic is a strawman and you're a whining git who uses extremes, it makes me wonder if you have an actual group to run and discuss things with.
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