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June 26th, 2017, 1:00 pm

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Dogbert, June 14th, 2017, 7:36 pm

Surprise me, Wonder Woman

I started working on this comic on the week I watched the movie, but I preferred to wait until it was safe to assume all the people who planned to watch the movie at the theatres already did. So...

Against all precedent and against all expectations, the movie is GOOD!

This movie is all Man of Steel should have been. Inspiring, uplifting, positive, heroic, and even knows when to take moments of levity. Personally I didn't find it "life changing," but then I'm not part of the target demo (women), and all I see is lots of little girls who now look up to Diana and superheroes, and that is GREAT.

The only "downside" of the movie was its corny-bordering-on-weeb dialogues at times which rivalled shounen anime dialogues, but then Wonder Woman's aesthetics have always been partially corny, so if you're at the movie theatre watching Wonder Woman, you should have no problems with that (also, I have plenty of weeb friends for whom this was a feature, not a bug).

At first I was afraid it was going to turn into your average weeb plot of "molly coddled teen rebels, her recklessness gets her whole kingdom killed blah blah blah"... but I was mostly pleased this was averted by a Hypolita who actually had brains in her head, and understood that 1) She couldn't fight the future and 2) All she'd do by going all "arrested development" on Diana would be harming her. Diana had to rebel twice in the movie, and both times Hypolita understood she had to yield. I liked that.

Diana's muggle companions were each one a winner and worked great as a team... when Diana gets her crisis of faith and leaves the team I swore "oook, this is where they die"... and again, the movie subverted the cliche, and the only muggle who died happened to be the romantic interest. It was sad to see Trevor go, but since Johns had already paired Diana with Supes and now he's at the wheel of the DCEU, I can see why that had to happen.

The music accomplished its purpose but it was still a smidgen short from memorable, and alas, the FX for the lasso was rather poor in the fight scenes, but I won't make it into a thing, I enjoyed the combat scenes enough (also, this Diana is better trained than The Goddamned Batman). Speaking of FX... so, considering the ending, does this mean Diana now possesses Zeus' lightning? If she does, that means she's going to be the tie-in for Shazam's movie and may be involved in Billy's empowerment.

Wonder Woman is the first actual competitor Warner has against the MCU... alas, unless Warner sacks Snyder (I wonder if I can make that into a hashtag), it's also going to be the ONLY one.


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