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June 19th, 2017, 1:00 pm

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Dogbert, June 14th, 2017, 6:48 pm

A Boring E3

If you watched the big publishers' press conferences prior to the E3, then basically you had already seen the whole week of the event... because the main live streams (ign, gamespot, and rooster teet) wouldn't give coverage to anything else.

Where were the indies? Where were the B-listers? Where was Indivisible? Where was Bloodstained? Where were Valiance Online and City of Titans? Clearly, the official streamers didn't care, as all they did was regurgitate the pre-event presentations time and time again. So, if you wanted any relevant notes once the event started, you had to either dumpster-dive the streams on a minute-by-minute basis in hopes the press gave a couple minutes to an unmentioned game... or just stay tuned to the Square Enix Presents stream, because they actually had relevant notes and content (which is what I did starting Wednesday, mostly).

Sure, Sony and Nintendo put on a GREAT show, Devolver's parody was damn funny, and both Wolfenstein 2 and Spider-Man took the cake, but I'd have actually liked some, you know, EVENT, in the event.


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